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self sabotage and how it is a waste of time

Updated: Feb 1

Self sabotage is seen as a quality of martyrdom. In hindi they say "bali ka bakra"

In the case of self sabotage, it is you that is hindering your own growth and development.

At times we all have put ourselves a step or two behind in a line to success. Here we will sit and decode this type of behavior and how it unearth where it roots from.

this type of behaviour may happen because something within an individual contradicts what it is doing. moral codes that have been socially programmed into our minds make us run away from something we desire. When we do that with something we really like we tend to behave in a very contradictory sort of way and too much of that can risk a person going into psychosis.

* one can also resort to such behaviours when he or she does not feel worthy

* fear of failure and un/reasonable self doubt

* is uncomfortable in their own skin

* people who struggle with moderation can also indulge in this kind of behaviour. they tend to not understand where to say NO. Draw boundaries and stick to them, it will increase your credibility and will lower chances of self saotaging behaviour

So moral of the story is, seize the moment and live life in the present.

oh damn thats what my mom said.

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