Post pandemic depression - The science and fix:

Scientifically speaking, the undersecretion of dopamine and oxytocin are responsible for this. - these are our happy and pleasure hormones.

There are 4 ingredients required to make dopamine in your body -

Amino acids(protein), minerals and antioxidants,

Vitamin D - an essential vitamin for production


Proper diet and rest,

Mental satisfaction of self.

Here are the things that responsible for their production

🦍 Vitamin D: Spending time in the sun - with the pandemic we all were suddenly confined to the spaces of our homes. And the obsession with not ageing visibly has demonized the sun. Wear your sunscreen, but GET YOUR DAILY SUN EXPOSURE.

Nowadays you have supplements for vitamin D, yeah ? Do you really think that is better than the real thing ?

Sun is a source of energy, life. All living things require this primary source of energy. Millions of years ago, this sun ( the only source of energy then) stimulated the multiplication of cells in unicellular organisms. And here you are today, a complex functioning organism with a brain to think. Doesnt this explain to you how powerful this energy source is.

Ever heard of the moon giving life force to organisms in your science class ?

No ?


The sun stimulates production of vitamin D ( ingredient 1)which along with the endorphins (ingredient 2) under the influence of an enzyme makes dopamine.

🦍 Endorphins: To stimulate their secretion, you should exercise - which releases endorphins. You ever feel that post work out "high" ? Where you are happy for a few hours after ? Yes, those are the endorphins.

🦍 Diet and Rest: Sleeping well and eating all your vitmains , minerals and proteins- a no brainer - your body needs resources to produce these hormones. Give it the resources.

Resting properly is essential because your body regenerates, repairs itself when you sleep. You have to give it the time to mend itsself.

Mental self satisfaction: And once you're doing all of these things, do something that used to make you happy- something small. Accomplish something.

These small acts give your mind a signal that you are making some impact, makes you feel worthy and increase your self worth, confidence, self satisfaction and happiness. These mental feelings combined with the hormones WILL make you the best version of your personality. Self assured and happy.

Conclusion : to stop feeling depressed, get the fuck out of your house and do things. Eat well, sleep well, exercise even if it's 15 minutes. Go live your life like you had planned two years ago. #Bodyblendsasia #mentalhealth #wellness

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