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Updated: May 17

Fragrances are the keys to doorways of memories that you lock away. The sense of smell is closely related to the region of the brain that processes memories and emotion. Which is why when you inhale a certain smell it has the ability to transport you to the deep recesses of nostalgia.

The blade of grass against your face as you are rolling down the hill might take you back to the fond memories of your childhood when you were rolling around with your siblings might bring a smile to your face. Or the musty smell of old dust takes you back to a time when you were rediscovering your old home.

Inhaling scents is good, however you should be careful with the synthetic ones. Organic essential oils are the best for therapy and creating new memories.

We source the purest essential oils from South India to add to our range of therapy products.

Discover the secrets of herbalism / ayurveda and jog your memory and increase your brain capacity.

Discover here BRAIN BOOST

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