Uneven skin tone: A definitive guide

Updated: Feb 13

Today we are going to pick up one topic of concern and dive into the solutions to a problem experienced by quite some of y'all and have spoken to us about it at our med spa.


Y'all know ? The small bumps on your skin that are easier felt than seen at first - until you put some make up on and then BOOM ! It looks like your skin is experiencing a famine with foundation hanging off of patches of skin. And uneven foundation application on your face - where the foundation sticks to some parts of the skin and doesn't on other areas - accentuating the classic crack whore look.

Even on naked skin, texture is often accompanied with hyperpigmentation , acne and /or dry skin and very honestly looks hideous.

Look guys, we are all for positivity and feeling good about yourself and accepting yourself for the way you are and all that jazz. But there are some things that need to be said no matter if it hurts your feelings so you can improve them and be the best version of yourself.

We aren't here to coddle you or your feelings. Just calling it as it is and giving you hard bound solutions to those problems so you can solve them and level up.

It's tough love for you babies.

So there, hear us say it again - in caps and bold this time.


So come on let's break this down into smaller pieces and chew on them together.

What Is skin texture ?

Bumps, enlarged pores, rough patches , all kinds of acne, dry flaking skin - basically anything that makes your skin look less than a baby's smooth juicy luminous buttock is going to be characterized as skin texture.

What causes texture ?

Okay so a million reasons can be causing this - a major factor being your lifestyle and habits- However, as we age our cellular turnover slows down - meaning new cells are born at a slower and slower rate as we age, to replace the dying / dead cells. This causes a build up of dead and useless cellular debris on the face that is not being replaced with fresh healthy cells at the rate at which the cells are dying.

Your skin texture could also be bumpy from psoriasis, contact dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, or even acne scars and pockmarks.

Long term solutions ?

Now there are two steps you need to take here :

Reduce the rate at which the cells are dying

• Stimulate and increase the rate of production of healthy plumpy cells

Let us dive into the treatment plan :

1. Incorporating glycolic acid


If you are alive and not living under a rock, then you must have heard of the AHA's - alpha hydroxy acids. Long story short glycolic acid is the most effective of the AHA's owing to its small molecular size, it can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and stimulate the production of new cells while also breaking the bonds holding the dead top layers of skin together to help it shed. A skincare heavyweight ingredient that kills two birds in one shot. Highly highly recommend you add this acid to your routine. Disclaimer - this is a photosensitizing ingredient so only use it at night and follow up with sunscreen the next morning.

2. Salicylic acid if you have acne

In some cases skin texture is caused because of clogged pores and an overgrowth of oil loving bacteria that cause acne and inflammation. To remedy this, salycilic acid is great to unclog the pores from the root and regulate oil production of the sebacious glands. This ingredient banishes acne , if that is a component of your skin's texture.

3. Collagen and elastin stimulating diet


True beauty reflects from within. It is important to make changes internally to achieve a glow externally. And a change in the quality of your diet will not only affect how you look, it will also have a great impact on how you feel. You look good when you feel good and feel good when you look good.

Add antioxidants and vitamin C & A to your diet.

However, if you are unable to meet the antioxidant and vitamin requirements of your body with food intake, there are power packed supplements that can help you out.

4. Wear. Sunscreen. Daily.


This is such a freaking important step we can't emphasize it enough and especially since you are using photosensitizing acids to give your body that big nudge to produce new cells,you will need to protect your vulnerable skin from the harsh and unforgiving rays of the sun. UVA rays are responsible for hyperpigmentation and melanin activities while UVB rays are responsible for ageing skin , wrinkles, sun burns etc. Wearing sunscreen is quintessential, regardless of you using an acid treatment or not. It is important to protect your cells from the oxidative stress it causes. Remember ? We have to prevent the death of our cells and then stimulate the growth of new healthy ones ? This is the part where you keep them from dying.

5. Carefully use a dermarolling device

Dermarolling or microneedling is a procedure that is usually done at the med spa at a deeper level - after numbing you or knocking you out with anasthesia if you are going for a deeper treatment . However, it can be done at home when handled with caution. The purpose of this treatment is to create tiny punctures or mesopores in your skin that is unhindered and can act as a passage for the active ingredients of your serum to penetrate straight to the bed of all action - the dermis. In short, your skin will drink up any and everything you put on it after.

Dermarolling help products absorb faster and better. You'll be getting potent results from all your skincare products after this step. Use a vitamin c if you skin can handle it after this.



It is important to figure out the cause of your irregularities. If your skin texture is caused by psoriasis or eczema then your treatment will be different than the treatment for texture caused by clogged pores when texture issues are a result of build up of dead skin cells You should focus on exfoliating - glycolic acid exfoliation or a physical scrub. However glycolic acid exfoliation not only removes cellular debris, it also stimulates production of new healthier collagen and cells. When texture issues are caused by collagen degradation, you should go for a dermarolling / microneedling treatment. Either at home or at the med spa (for a deeper treatment)

So ladies and gentlemen, fix that skin with these hardworking and result oriented tips that we just spoke about and take a step forward in your level up / glow up journey

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Okay that's all , Until next time babies xoxo

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