Blue Light Radiation : A silent killer

Did you know that screen time can have a detrimental effect on your health? Yes, that’s right, that screen you sit in front of all day at work and that much-loved smartphone which NEVER leaves your side, are both not just bad for your eyes but also for your skin, stamina, brain and slows down a plethora of neurological functions as well. If you’re serious about living well and living long , read on to find out why you need to protect yourself from the long-term effects of blue light and just how to go about it. Joined at the hip Since lockdown began, most of us have found ourselves glued to our computer screens, tablets and mobile phones, desperately trying to keeping up to date with current news, social media and to feel less isolated as we’re unable to go about our ‘normal’ lives. However, what we don’t realise is that six hours or more a day of screen time will expose our body to a significant level of blue light, which will start to show in our performance and faces!

The radiation emitted by blue light retards quite a number of neurological processes as demonstrated by MRI scans. Not only that, this affects the hormone secretion of the pituitary gland and usually makes us feel sluggish, worn out and lethargic. Remember when back in the day the doctors said "tv kills brain cells." They were saying that based on insight.

This internal imbalance shows up on our face in the form of premature ageing.

Blue light is absolutely the worst for the eyes, any competent opthalmologist will tell you that.

Since in the modern day, I cannot dole out advice suggesting cutting out the digital device. Only solution here is to limit your exposure. And preserve your brain and longevity.

The problem with blue light

Studies show how not only blue light can induce oxidative stress in the body but that it also has the ability to penetrate more deeply. Add to this mix the electrostatic field that each one of our electronic gadgets create around them, and it’s no wonder how being increasingly attached to our digital devices is quickly becoming the most silent ‘ager’ of our generation.

Six hours MAX

Let's see in detail what blue light does to your body. :

Lowered neurological activity :

Fatigue, Dullness, Lethargic feeling : This is a direct resultant of the low production of hormones by the pituitary gland - due to blue light. Makes you feel obnoxiously sleepy at the most unusual hours - like an 1-3 hours after waking up.

Decreased stamina : Lack of movement due to fatigue and decreased hormones and static mind.

Absolutely the worst for the eyes : it creates constant oxidative stress on the pupil ( a very sensitive part of the eye)

Spots & hyperpigmentation: Studies confirm that light emitted by digital screens produces thermal radiation that alters melanocytes (I.e. They induce pigmentation!)

Fine Lines: Free radicals promote oxidative stress and accelerating aging. (Hello saggy skin and more visible expression lines!)

Dryness: Dehydration is another effect produced by blue light penetrating deep into our skin.

Irritation & Flaky Skin: The electrostatic field that all digital devices create can interfere with our skin’s natural acid balance and protective barrier.

Dark circles: Gamma light also accelerates the appearance of dark circles, making them more pronounced.

Bodyblends to the rescue !

The key to fighting any kind of oxidative stress is internal. A supply of amino acids and antioxidants is what you’ll need. And you can enhance their effects by applying antioxidants topically to the skin on the site of concern. There are many blue light protecting products on the market. Some cheaper, however the authentic ingredients don’t come cheap. A good blue light protecting product will have a powerhouse of antioxidants and a few select ingredients that guarantee efficacy. And the results they give don’t come at a cheap price tag. Lucky for Bodyblends india lovers, we have something that protects you from radiation of all sorts. Keep premature aging at bay with adequate protection. The Body Dose - Cardiovascular


The Mind Dose - Neuroprotective

Mineral Radiation Defence 50 - Skin Protection

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